(EN) The Sensei

The sensei, Franz Wittmann – who I am?

Learner, Practitioner, Seeker, Systemicist, Analyst, Innovation Coach, Sceptic, Critic, Criticized, Idealist, Enthusiastic, Discoverer, Student, Driver, Thinker, Pragmatist, Theorist, Leader, Strategist, Following, Observer, Tactician, Traditionalist, Innovator, Preserver, Optimist, Curious, Winning, Family man, all-rounder, husband, son, brother, friend, teacher, pupil, knowledgeable, seeking advice, electrician, buyer, designer, Bavarian, Upper Palatinate, German, European, earthman, strong, weak, burning, burning, motivated, motivating, strict, just, leading, following…just a typical person!


  • Born: 1982
  • Family: married, 2 Sons
  • other Hobbies: photography, Theater play, many more…
  • martial arts: since 1993, many
    • Shorin Ryu Karate (Seibukan)
    • Uechi-Ryu
    • Goju-Ryu
    • Ryukyu-Kobudo (Jinbukan)
    • Aikido (Shudokan)

Follow me!


Sensei Franz Wittmann: „First you must become aware of your energies and abilities, then you must have a clear and tangible vision of your goal – you have to be able to reach, taste and feel YOUR dream, now you still need the courage to turn your will into action – if you now firmly believe in success, the universe will open all doors for you.“