(EN) Organization – Shinbukan e.V.

The dojo where I teach is run by a non-profit organization:

„Shinbukan e.V.“


It is an independent, self-supporting, non-profit organization
– a FREE and INDEPENDENT martial arts school in the sense of Budo!

Being a free martial arts school means that we do not belong to any of the big established associations. Therefore there are no further conventions for us (waiting periods, compulsory courses, annual association fees, examination fees, etc.) and also no restrictions. In the „martial arts business“ there are hidden costs – with us, only the association fees accrue!

We train and maintain a friendly and respectful relationship with schools of every martial art as well as other karate styles.

The increased commercialization of the martial arts and especially of karate in Europe and internationally has contributed positively to the spread of the martial art, but unfortunately this has also led to a dilution of the teaching of „Budo“. Our school wants to follow the original, honorable path of tradition and we want to teach auteur martial arts and encourage the students to the extent that they can achieve their individual benefit from these wonderful systems as soon as possible.

For further information, contribution amounts etc. please contact me!

The founding meeting took place on 24 November 2018.


The filling of the offices is as follows:

  • 1. chairman- Dr. Ulrich Bauer
  • 2. chairman- Franz Wittmann
  • Treasurer- Stefan Huber
  • Secretary – Valentina Afanasev
  • Cash auditor No. 1 – Stefan Bogner
  • Cash auditor No. 2 – Mathias Stöber


Mathias Stöber, Stefan Huber, Stefan Bogner, Franz Wittmann, Ulrich Bauer, Valentina Afanasev



  Stunden  Minuten  Sekunden


2nd Birthday of Shinbukan e.V.