(EN) Yoga

From time to time Yoga is also taught in the Shinbukan Dojo.

Depending on whether our „Yogini“ is in the country at the moment, or sharing her knowledge globally!

To explain the concept of „Yoga“ here in the blog would go too far, use „google“ to learn about it superficially…

In the dojo different body and meditation teachings are taught.

Whether Hatha Yoga, Yoga-Nidra, Chidshakti-Sound-Yoga or exercises for „Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel“ – none of these are guaranteed to be classical, but everything is unique in itself.

Come by and see for yourself.

You are welcome to contact me, or just take a look at their really informative site: www.mandirayoga.com




presented by "Franz Wittmann – Budo-Coaching" – Kampfkunst in Dietfurt a. d. Altmühl

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