(EN) The Kobudo-Weapons

Here I would like to introduce the individual Kobudo weapons

The weapons in our Kobudo are nothing more than „everyday tools“. Based on the idea of self-defense, a wide variety of applications were trained, refined and combined in a „traditional training system“.
The most important tools of our Kobudo, which is based on the „Jinbukan“ school of Katsuyoshi Kanei, shall be briefly presented here.
In each case, the Japanese terms are entered, which are relevant for our examinee.


Translated into something like „long stick“. Meant is the „Roku-Shaku-Bo“ – a stick with a length of six (roku) shaku (unit of measurement: 30.3cm).
Originally probably a walking stick, or used as „load carrier“. But there are other similar tools with which you can perform Bo techniques, e.g. a spear or the so-called „nunti-Bo“ – a Bo with a metal tip in „manji“ form.


These were terms for a „paddle“. It was a natural choice for the many fishing villages on Okinawa and the other Ryukyu Islands.
There are special movement patterns and kata, but many bo techniques and kata can also be practiced with the eku.


The origin of these forks is a bit controversial. Some believe that they were used by farmers to make furrows in the soil. Others support the theory that these were tools used by fishermen to pull the nets out of the water.
Archaeological finds and still existing statues also show monks and guard soldiers in China and India who carried these forks on their hips.
There are sai in various designs. With and without blade, as Manji-Sai, …


This device is still in use today.
Besides the classical form, there are of course lighter and heavier versions, also e.g. a version that hides a chain (Kusari), usually with weight at the end, in the handle (Kusari-Kama).


Here the explanation is a bit more difficult. Used as a baton with various striking, striking and swinging techniques.
Originally probably a kind of lever/crank, a mechanical device to turn a „millstone“ by hand.


Historically seen nothing else but a flail of the farmers…
Famous for countless far eastern Kung Fu movies, especially with Bruce Lee.
ATTENTION: In the Shinbukan Dojo only theory can be taught here.
In Germany Nunchaku is considered a „forbidden object“ – the possession is forbidden…

There are many more „tools“ that are trained in different kobudo styles, to list them all here would go beyond the scope 🙂

Also for everything else there is to know about the use of these devices, application possibilities, hit points, handed down kata etc. – for this you have to come by or otherwise contact us.

presented by "Franz Wittmann – Budo-Coaching" – Kampfkunst in Dietfurt a. d. Altmühl

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