(EN) 古 武 道 – Kobudo


The development of kobudo in Okinawa began at the same time as the Okinawa-Te. For the mastery of the old and new forms of kobudo weapons, a large number of formal exercises (kata) and rules for their use were developed over time.

These weapons, which originally were mostly tools or agricultural implements, gained the greatest importance after 1609.

In 1609 the Japanese administrator of Okinawa issued an absolute ban on weapons. The forges were closed and most metal household appliances (e.g. knives) were confiscated.

The population joined together in secret to resist the cruelties of the Japanese occupying forces.

Many masters of Kobudo (and Okinawa Te) remained unknown because of the secrecy. Some masters were immortalized in the names of the kata they created.

The following Kobudo-Kata are practiced in the Shinbukan Dojo:

Bo Fukyu Kata
Shiushi no Kun
Choun no Kun
Tokumine no Kun
Sakugawa no Kun

Tunkwa Ichi
Tunkwa Ni

Ni Chou Sai
Matayoshi no Sai
Budokan no Sai
Hakucho no Sai

Shinbukan no Kama Ichi
Shinbukan no Kama Ni

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