(EN) Emblem / Logo

Emblem / Logo

A dojo needs of course also a distinguishing feature, a coat of arms, a badge, logo, whatever… Something that connects us, something you can identify with and something that reflects the character of the dojo.




The Japanese characters contained in the coat of arms are regarded as signs of respect for the „ancestors“, the „forefathers“, of our martial art.

left: Kara-Te empty-hand

right: Ko-Bu ancient-(martial)art (ancient, armed)

below: Ai-Ki Harmony-Inner Force

middle: Do Way

Adding the character „Do“ in the center to the outside of each character gives the path in these martial arts that you have chosen as a student: Karate-Do – Kobu-Do – Aiki-Do.

The „3 Wings“ result when you start to draw the „Flower of Life“ – the symbol for harmony, perfection and the living itself, which has been internationally known since ancient times.

Here you see only a part of the flower, the part where 3 circles overlap. The complete circles are not visible, but it is the hint that the martial art, which we train hard, will unfold far around our own centre and touch all areas of our life.

Our person, our „I“, is limited by the outer ring. The symbol reflects our inner attitude towards these 3 martial arts. So to speak the „Dojo inside us“. In this protective area, 3 energies, which are symbolized by the leaves created by the intersections of the circles, form a field of tension, a unity in the middle, in which the „Do“ is also located. This triangle is coloured violet – in Japan this colour stands for perfection – completion. Ultimately the goal we all strive for! We are all seekers (otherwise you probably would have stopped reading already).

The 3 energies that meet in the field of tension are in the transmitted with symbolic character: the human (physical strength), the earth (intelligence and intuition), the sky (spirituality and empathy). All of them are energies that every „bright“ person feels at some point in life – but is not able to explain them.

To be a „true warrior“ in our understanding means to use precisely this field of tension of becoming aware of being human and to gain all positive energies from it!

The colours of the coat of arms: black, yellow, red and violet.