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…Shinbukan Dojo – one name, many faces. Who is behind it? What’s the meaning? What is the motivation?

Here you can inform yourself – do you have a concrete question? Then it is best to contact me directly!

真 武 館 道 場 Shinbukan Dojo

After many years of training and as a driving part of another martial arts organization (10 years 1st chairman and Dai Senpai), it was time to leave.

„The longer the wolf stays in the cage, the less it yearns for freedom.“ – ergo: Get out of the fog!

Without much vision at first, it still came about after a short time of „Ronin existence“ that I, Franz Wittmann, should found a new dojo in 2016. The demand was simply too great and fate paved the way for me. Stones, which were in the way, turned out to be a wonderful „building material“. I should share again what I myself had learned to love and live in 25 years with other people and to convey the values of Budo to students.

A suitable Japanese name for the new dojo was soon found: 真 武 館 – „Shinbukan“ (chin. Zhen-wu-guan) – it could hardly be more fitting!

The second character stands for the „art of war“, the third character can be translated as „school“, „association“ or „organization“.

But the essence of the Dojo and the main idea is the first character – 真 / „shin“ in connection with the second character 武 / „bu“.

Very often the syllable „shin“ is written with the character 神 for „spirit“, „mental“, „divine“. An older spelling, however, which has been handed down from China and which can be traced back to a Chinese legend („Zhenwu“ – the Northern Emperor), uses the character . This syllable generally stands for „truth“, „loyalty“, „sincerity“, „honesty“ – values worth fighting for, values of true „chivalry“.

Because the martial arts trained in the Shinbukan Dojo are also influenced directly by Chinese, it was obvious to choose this spelling for the name of the school.

The Shinbukan-Dojo is therefore, trivially explained, the place for the training of the student who wants to go the way of the „true warrior“ or the way of the „true (authentic) martial art“.

Shinbukan, more than a name for a dojo – it is the idea of something truly respectable!

In the sense of these characters, a true warrior is not someone who has mastered „punching and kicking“, has competed in competitions and has brought home trophies. For the competition you don’t have to take the trouble to learn a martial art, here general athleticism, a good eye and 3-4 techniques are enough… Rather, it is part of being a „warrior of mind, life and everyday life“! Master your own way! To strengthen honesty, humanity and character and to be a gain for your fellow men – that is for me the way of the „true warrior“. Someone who knows how to decipher the teachings of the martial arts, how to use skilful tactics and how to develop strategies for a successful future! Someone who goes his own way and holds out without giving up! To develop personal potential without limits and to fully exploit human resources – that is „modern martial art“!

Learning a martial art can make a big contribution here, because mastery in it can only be achieved through ambition, discipline and strength of character – not an easy path, a path for warriors! – everyone else will throw in the towel.

About the organization

The dojo is supported by a non-profit association – „Shinbukan e.V.“. The Dojo is not affiliated to a larger association – and we all love this freedom! But there is a lively, cross-style exchange! Networking is cultivated and e.g. Krav Maga or Brazilian JuJutsu is trained to round off the own knowledge! We belong to a large, international martial arts family.

You can find more about the club in the corresponding chapter of these pages.

The 3 examination regulations for Karate, Kobudo and Aikijitsu, taken over from the previous organization, have been merged, quasi „married“. I have made some adjustments (considered important by me personally and my closest students) – that is, techniques have been added, removed, optimized or combined. All according to the aspects of an effective, practical self-defense, for every age, every gender, in every situation!

There is some information about the trained martial arts in the corresponding menu items. There is much more to explain – not for nothing whole volumes were written about it.

Also the internet is full of them – so it’s best to „google for it“. For special questions I’m happy to answer – ask me!

If you expect to find a statement here, how good this or that style is, how good one or the other teacher is, why we train the way we train, etc., you will unfortunately be disappointed at this point. Such statements are neither in my sense, nor do they belong here – there are good government agencies here that are happy to help with such problems 🙂

Personal (personality) development and human fulfilment – that is what distinguishes our community!

There is the possibility to contact me – I will answer, I promise!

To all martial artists: Our Dojo is always open for „networking“! We have nothing to hide and can certainly learn something from you! You want to deepen your knowledge? Exchange your knowledge? Share your knowledge with someone? Train together with nice people? Write me!

Training takes place in our own dojo! See the entry on these pages! The Dojo